Bishop Cortez H. Liggins Sr.  is the husband of Pastor Tammy L., and they are the founders of Renewed Hope House of Worship.  He has been married to Pastor Liggins for many years and is a father of one son and many adopted and step children.  He is committed to ministry along side his wife and is the CEO of Zetroc Marketing and Management.

     Bishop Cortez is the 2nd out of nine children.  He has been a major fan of music as far back as he can remember and comes from a long line of musicians in his heritage. At the age of 17, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served for over 20 years. After retirement, he returned home to pursue a new direction, this time in the music industry.  After a time of successful connections and experiences, there came a time of accountability, surrender, and deliverance that became paramount to take precedence. During the delivery process, the Lord reveille to him his chosen purpose to be used as a seed planter of his word.

     As Bishop, he ministers, guides, oversees, and fellowships as a walking testimony to the location to where the Lord has settled him. His leadership continues to be inspiring and trendsetting to all who come into his presence. His many phrases like: "plant the seed and get out the way", and many more continue to become quoted conversation pieces as others speak to others. 


     Bishop Liggins believes in going to and listening to God in season and out of season. His is also a impressive songwriter, entrepreneur, singer, teacher, and motivational speaker.  

     Bishop Cortez H. Liggins Sr. answered the call of God on his life and was ordained on June 19th, 2011 along with his wife to preach the gospel.  Bishop Cortez is committed to serving and ministering the love of Christ to all who are ready to hear it.

New Beginnings and Restoration of Divine Perfection